Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Almost a year later . . .

OMG! It's almost been a whole year since I last posted a blog entry here! That's because I got a REAL job back in April 2010. I've been very busy - that's why you didn't get a holiday card, New Year's Card, Valentine's card, and probably wont' get a St. Patrick's Day card. MAYBE I'll get out a "Spring" card . . .

Looking back in comparison - look at the photo in the post below. The difference this year is the baby gate (right side of photo) is down. That means the room is just as messy, if not messier since my toddler now has access to more stuff!

Not much else is new . . .
Keira is a year older (12.13.10) - the big 3
Hubby is a year older (2.15.11) - 50-something'ish
I'll be a year older in April (4.3.11) - the Big Five 0

As always, you can get a 2010 year in review at
(or any other year for that matter)

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