Sunday, February 18, 2007

Stitches is Coming!

"Stitches West" is almost here (Calif)! It will be at the following venues in 2007:

Stitches West - February 22-25
Santa Clara Convention Center, CA

Stitches Midwest - August 9-12
Rosemont Convention Center, IL

Stitches East - October 11-14
Baltimore Convention Center, MD

My favorite knitting store in Petaluma, CA

If you've never been - GO! Whether you are a knitting / crocheting junkie, or a beginner . . . GO! It's fun just to look at all the beautiful yarns. You can buy books, patterns, sign up for workshops, see fashion shows & demonstrations . . . oh, and did I mention the YARN?! . . . including any & all supplies you could possibly NEED and WANT!

The "Knit Doctor" is on hand at each convention (11-4 daily) - you can bring your knitting emergencies to get help!

BTW: I finished my "One Red Scarf" project - but I mailed it before I could take a photo. It wasn't anything extraordinary - basic knit stich using some Lion Brand "Homespun" - I love this yarn. It's soft and fluffy, beautiful colors, and easy to knit up something quick.
I knitted my scarf in this Candy Apple Red.


Diva Kitty's Mom said...

Tagged ya

Marilynn said...

Oh, I made an afghan in Lion Brand Homespun for my daughter a few years ago -- looks like the color you included in this post. It turned out beautifully and is lasting very well ... especially in a household with three kids, ages 6-14, in which NOTHING is treated very gently!! That yarn is amazing.