Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fruits of the Season

The fruit trees are staring to burst!

Soon we'll have more fruit that we know what ot do with! We have 2 pear trees, 3 apple trees, 1 asian pear-apple tree, 1 fig tree, and lots of blackberry bushes too. Can you say "homemade pies?" Pie is good food!

I know most of you think of wine country when you first hear of Sonoma County, but summertime also brings Gravenstein apples - miles and miles of them to Sebastopol. Usually in April, the town goes all out to celebrate this pink-white cloud of bloom with an Apple Blossom Festival.

Touring the orchards in bloom is a must (spring), but to see the apples growing is also nice. Write to the Chamber of Commerce, 265 S. Main St., Sebastopol 95472, for a map, or use the more complete one in last August's Sunset Magazine (page 34). Sebastopol is 60 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Exit west from U.S. 101 on State Highway 116 in Cotati.

Quote for the day:
There were apples painted in pale green and bright red on a ground of emerald green leaves. It is all colour. One might say it was a Cezanne. Maurice Denis

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