Friday, July 28, 2006

Here's my handy-work!

Here are a couple of my watercolor pieces. They're 5x7 in size, and of course inspired by my cats Geno and Misha, who have both passed on.

These pieces were done quite a while ago, while I was still living in Sausalito, and where I was also most inspired to paint. I loved sit on my waterfront deck and watch the sailboats float by. Angel Island and the Golden Gate Bridge were also favorites to paint.

I haven't quite found my inspiration yet in Petaluma. Will it be chickens? Cows? Quail? The mighty oaks? Wildflowers? Barns? I'm still working on it.

Cats are certainly still in the mix, but Kimo and Sabi haven't been painted yet. What color will they be?

Well, I'm sure I'll get back into it. I've been a little sidetracked by my knitting - which has also been a good exploration of mixing colors.

Quote for the day:

Art washes from the soul the dust of
everyday life.


Sundry said...

Very cheery! They'd make greet greeting cards, and I mean that in the very very niceset way.

Studio Susie said...

Thanks Sundry!
I have used them as cards - someday I may get serious and publish them!